We beat the market


Hope you are safe and sound. Here’s an update about the success of the Pittsburgh Financial Advisors’ AI based Investment Engine which you might find interesting. 

In September, 19 stock picks were picked by our Engine and sent to our exclusive community.  Here is that ticker list:ZEUS,VNCE,USAP,TA,SXC,STRT,SGMA,SCX,SCSC,QEP,
One month later, the 19 stock picks beat the market with 7.1% gains while Nasdaq gained 6.6 percent in the last 2 months, and the S&P gained 4%
But it’s not the end! 
We have recently improved the algorithm with a new filter to eliminate poor performing stocks. This would improve the performance to over 10% gain in two months!

While we launch our system next week, we invite you to be a Part of the Closed Community where we regularly share the stock recommendations.
Here’s the link-

Please look forward to our stock picks and official launch of the business on November 1st, 2020!

Past results do not guarantee future returns.